G1 Platform

The G1 Platform is a multi-purpose,
multi-payload autonomous aerial vehicle.
Over 1 to 1 lift capacity

Stable Drop

Precision Yaw

'Tiltless' Cruise

Soaring’s unique hardware allows our drones to carry more than their own weight in additional payload.

Soaring’s mixed-control software allows the drone to maintain stability while dropping heavy payloads from mid-air.

Soaring’s patented segregated rotor system allows for a smooth transition from lift to cruise.

Soaring’s novel rotor system allows for a range of turns between smooth and sharp.

“Every aspect of the product is driven by innovation. Find the problem, solve it unconventionally.”

Rapid Deployment. Anywhere. Anytime.

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Unique Hardware

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G1 Platforms

Unique Software

The G1 Platform provides unprecedented software autonomy and easy integrations

Easy Payload Integration
Mixed Flight Control
Advance Ratio
Dynamic Payloads

Carry any kind of payload, any way.

Your payloads. Your way.

With the superior stability of the G1 Platforms, you have the flexibility to integrate payloads for various missions.


Rapidly deploy critical supplies, food, ammunition, and medical aid reach remote troops in minutes, boosting morale and saving lives.
Equipped with firefighting tools like hoses and water buckets, the Gabriel drones tackle wildfires and urban blazes with precision and speed, reaching areas inaccessible to traditional firefighting equipment.
Provide rapid on-site medical response, reach remote accident scenes, or deliver emergency supplies to disaster zones, improving patient outcomes.
Transport replacement parts and tools to remote or hazardous locations, reducing repair times and service disruptions.
Locate missing persons and provide emergency supplies to vessels in distress, improving response times and saving lives.
From planting seeds and spraying pesticides to monitoring crop health and optimizing irrigation, the Gabriel drones can take agriculture to new heights, increasing efficiency and yields while reducing environmental impact.


Blood, organs, hope – delivered swiftly by aerial couriers.
Lifesaving AEDs soaring to your aid, faster than ever.
Safely deliver tools to firefighters in perilous situations, regardless of terrain or dangerous conditions.
Gabriel drones can transform the delivery landscape, carrying large packages and bulky items over long distances, reducing delivery times and revolutionizing last-mile logistics.
Optimize field coverage and reduce waste, contributing to higher yields and more sustainable farming practices.

Compact and transportable.

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