About Us

Unlocking a more reliable, efficient way to move heavy things.

Our purpose at Soaring is to save time, money, and lives in cargo logistics and emergency resupply where deliveries are hindered by the inefficient use of conventional transportation.


Today’s logistics and transportation systems often fall short, which leads to unnecessary delays, inflated costs, and limited access. At Soaring, we’re bridging capability gaps to ensure that every mission regardless of complexity is completed with precision and efficiency. We’re a passionate team of problem solvers fueled by the ambition to change the future of logistics and transportation. Our heavy-lift drones connect communities, foster growth, and empower people, government, and businesses to do more.


Our leadership team bridges the galaxies: Caltech/JPL pioneers meet startup scaling wizards. We dream in orbits, build like scientists, and navigate the market with billion-dollar expertise. This audacious alchemy is our engine, rewriting the sky, one drone revolution at a time.

Mory Gharib


Amir Emadi


Daniel Trunfio

Chief Executive Officer

Michael OL


Temell Purkett

VP of Manufacturing

Alexei Harvard

VP of Engineering

Matt Saarima

VP of Finance and Strategy

“Every aspect of the product is driven by innovation. Find the problem, solve it unconventionally.”

Aram Arutyunyan, Lead Designer

The Soaring Team

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